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Mankind has expanded its reach beyond the Sol System.  Factions, mega-corporations and syndicates are locked in a political and economic strife. The inevitable destruction and decay of a colonized exoplanet is imminent.

beta decay is a voxel-based cyberpunk RPG with a ps1-aesthetic where players assume a variety of roles to prolong the life of a dystopian megalopolis.

Live amongst the colonists on an exo-planet deep within the Alpha Centauri Star System. Be an engineer, repairing shuttles in space, to a syndicate leader, executing territory raids deep within a labyrinthic neon city.

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Dystopian Megalopolis 

Beta Decay's Voxel engine allows for vast cityscapes and deformable planetary terrain.

<span class="color_13" <delve="" dee<="" span="">Delve deep into a labyrinthic city that is soaked </span>with neon lights and dense crowds.



Mixing the old with the new.

Re-live the low poly classic gaming elements from the early 00's and late 90's.

Experience a high tech, low life atmosphere where cybernetic enhancements and nanomachines have become a commodity amongst the population.


Star System and Economy

Trade products through physical shops on the streets to digital securities on the Centauri Exchange.

Take on roles ranging from an engineer calibrating communication servers, to a faction leader executing territory raids on rival syndicates.



Build Starships

Build spacecraft with complex sub-systems such as power grids, server networks, and life support systems to keep your crew alive in deep space.

Players may go where they like, when they like, doing whatever they like.



Join one of the three major factions in an endless fight for territorial control of key city districts.


Also referred to as the 'Centauri Labor Union', THE ACU standardizes principles of equity and justice throughout the star system. Policies an jurisdictions are established to provide a greater good for all Centauri citizens. Their directives are carried out by Politicians and on-site Enforcers.


 Monolith is a megacorporation primary focused in aerospace technology and exo-planet colonization. They are recognized as the largest Corporate conglomerate in Centauri space. the organization's key achievement has been the development of Antimatter Propulsion technology which has granted the ability for spacecraft to voyage far beyond the Sol System into deep space. Positronic engines have become the standard for starship propulsion. The deployment of 'Monolithic' jump gates have been a milestone in Human achievement as These gateways are vital for interstellar travel.



The Gromada Syndicate succeeds on the absence of policy and a STANDARDIZED government. Sophisticated trade networks established by the Syndicate cause market destabilization, crippling the corporate ability to capitalize on profits. The Gromada takes it's image and reputation highly. Agents are disciplined, combat hardened, and strike fear into all citizens who cross their path.

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