Sif and the Labyrinth (RELEASED v1.0)

Sif and the Labyrinth Official Release 

(Windows v1.0)

Rotoscope Studios Presents:

 Sif and the Labyrinth


Sif and the Labyrinth is a Lo-Fi Pixel Adventure Game based in Norse Mythology. Play as Sif, who is in search of a way to return her husband Thor back into human form. Experience the player freedom in this open world adventure.


  • Open World Survival
    • Eat, Rest, shelter. 
    • Explore Villages, Forests, Fields, and of course Labyrinths.
    • Farm, Mine, Harvest. Its up to you to decide on how to survive.
  • Lo-Fi Atmospherics
    • Enjoy vibrant relaxing environments in tandem with Lo-Fi Pixel music.
  • Chakra Techniques
    • Execute button combinations to perform various Chakra Techniques.
    • Learn different techniques which enhance your combat and recovery abilities.
  • Character Advancement and Inventory
    • Combat creatures of Norse Mythology to grow your character stronger.
    • Purchase and gather various items and weapons to aid in survival.
  • The Labyrinth
    • Explore a dark maze full of challenging enemies and bosses.
    • Unlock the secrets which reveal the path to save your husband Thor.


SATL v1.0 (Windows).zip 144 MB
Nov 25, 2021

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